About Me

Hi there, my name is Corey Petersen, and I specialize in boats. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cruising on a boat when the sun is rising and you’re the only person out in the sea. Over the years, I’ve been around on more trips than I can remember, and I always learn something new from these adventures. Boat customization and maintenance are two of my greatest joys in life after my beautiful family.

That’s right: I like to take proper care of my sea vessel using the best products available on the market. And what about the modifications? I’m talking about new seats, reinforcements for the port, starboard, the bow, and, of course, fancy new paddles, to name a few. My love for boats hasn’t faded over the years, and now I want to share my passion with you! On this website, I post my detailed guides, recommendations, and tips/tricks.

How-to manuals, new product reviews, and comparison tables – you’ll find it all right here. I live in Riverton, Utah, and used to work in Petersen Marine, a family-owned business. But right now, I’m in Motor Sportsland. We’ve got a pretty great thing going on over there and encourage you all to check out want kind of services we provide. Transporting, repairs, consultation – those are just some of the things we do.

But, I gotta say that Petersen Marine is still my home, and I want to pay homage to it by sharing my experience with you. So, first, I want you to go ahead and check out what PM is all about on Facebook. On my personal Facebook page, you’ll find some family videos, pics, and some updates on the company. As for this website, I welcome you all to join my community and talk about boats! Share your personal stories and don’t hesitate to reach out to me for help.

I’m always available and will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. OH and make sure to check back with me often for the latest news, guides, expert opinions, and product evaluations!

There can never be too many boats! That’s what I always like to say. Unfortunately, while there’s no shortage of sea vessels here in the US, most boat owners don’t know the first thing about them. So, my mission is to explain complicated things in a simple, down-to-earth manner. I know pretty much all the local boat clubs because I’m very passionate about what I do.

We regularly hold events, competitions, and just fun activities for people to enjoy. The only requirement – you gotta have a boat. In my days, I’ve seen the craziest vessels! Where I’m from, boating is a way of living – it’s not just setting sails to welcome the sunset or to fish. At PetersenMarine, we know our way around boats and can come up with fixes even to the most complicated issues. Not every keel, ship, or yacht owner is like that, however.

So, that’s why I started consulting and educating my friends many years ago and that’s how this website came around. I’ve always felt an obligation to share my knowledge with others so that they take proper care of their boats instead of paying big bucks to have them fixed at a body shop. I welcome you all to join the community and become a member of PetersenMarine!