Author - Corey Petersen

Corey PetersenI am Corey Petersen, and I have been around boats ever since I was a teenage boy. This is both my passion and my way of making a living. If you’re a fellow boat owner and want to learn more about proper care, this blog right here is for you! What’s the best mildew/mold remover for boat seats? How do you find the perfect paint for your old ship? Is aluminum the best material for the port, or maybe you should go with something else?
Which brands can you trust with your boat and your money, and which ones should be avoided? Right now, there are hundreds of different products (rust removers, repellents, sprays, protectants, and so on), and it can be pretty hard to make the right choice. Well, that’s where I come in! I’ll be your guide into the world of boat maintenance, repairs, and proper care!


How to Clean Boat Seats

If you are cleaning a boat, cleaning the seats is an important step to take. You will need cleaning products, a bucket of water and an old towel. How to wash...