How to Clean Boat Seats

If you are cleaning a boat, cleaning the seats is an important step to take. You will need cleaning products, a bucket of water and an old towel.

How to wash the boat seats

How to wash the boat seats1You can start by scrubbing the seats with soapy water to remove any dirt or grime that may be on them. Rinse thoroughly after washing all of the dirt off of it so that there will not be any residue left behind on the vinyl seat coverings or anything else in your boat’s interior area. Cleaning them can be done manually by using a bucket full of hot water and cleaning solution combined with some decent scrubbing brushes (preferably ones specifically made for cleaning upholstery) but if you have access to a pressure washer then this might make things easier for you as well!

After cleaning, dry out the seats completely before moving onto protecting them from future stains caused by dirt, cleaning products, and other impurities.

How to protect boat seats

How to wash the boat seatsThe best protector for boat seats is to use a good quality vinyl protectant that has UV blockers in them to stop the sun from fading your upholstery over time. These are sealants that can be applied by hand or with an inexpensive machine designed specifically for this purpose (such as a Scotch Guard product). Apply one coat of the protectant on all sides of the surface you want covering before sitting back down onto it again! If you are cleaning these boats inside then make sure to get into every nook and cranny so they will not be left untreated when water evaporates away. You should follow the instructions given by each individual company but typically liquid forms are sprayed on while wipeable versions are applied with a cloth or cleaning sponge.

If you notice mold on the seats

If you notice mold on the seatsIf you haven’t been as diligent about keeping your seats clean or wiping them down before, and now you notice mold on your boat’s vinyl seats, you need to remove it right away. Mold on boat seats could be a sign of other problems with your cleaning habits or even the recent water quality. It’s not just unsightly, it can also lead to health risks for those who come into contact with them so make sure that you remove all traces of mold from any vinyl surfaces immediately!

Remove mildew stains by cleaning off old stains first before using an antimicrobial cleaner made specifically for this purpose such as Bon Ami. This will help break down the organic matter in order to create new, clean stain spots over time if used regularly enough. After cleaning these areas use an antibacterial spray designed specifically for cleaning plastics like Scotch Guard Protective Fabric Spray and then seal the surface again afterward so that there is less chance of it happening again in the future.

How often should you clean your boat seat?

Clean vinyl and synthetic fabric ones with a protectant twice annually to keep them looking fresh. Leather boat seats should be professionally cleaned one or two times a year.


ConclusionIf you follow these steps, your boat seats should be looking good and feeling even better!

  • cleaning dirt from vinyl or synthetic fabric boat seat upholstery
  • remove mildew stains from the surface of vinyl boat seats using an antimicrobial cleaner. Spray with antibacterial spray after for best results
  • protect all parts by applying a quality protectant made especially for cleaning plastics such as Scotch Guard Protective Fabric Spray in order to keep them fresh over time and reduce the likelihood of future problems occurring. Do this twice per year if possible so that they don’t look old before their time due to sun exposure on unprotected surfaces.

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